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I have recorded two CD containing some of my compositions which samples you can listen to here.

The quality of sound of the compositions in the CDs are better than in the samples. And of course, are complete compositions.

If you want to buy one of my CD, you only have to contact me:

Tfno. 956 30 96 61

The price of each CD: $8

Danzas / Combinaciones 3 - 3

Danzas (Dances) is a 20 minutes long composition, divided in four parts. Rythmic themes, with a little "jungle" influence, repetitive patterns and simple melodies that are developed introducing new sounds.

Combinaciones 3 - 3 (combinations 3-3) is a repetitive work, based in the mathematic concept "combination with repetition". It is a minimalist work, but you will find that it can sound as rock music. A 30 minutes composition divided in four movements..

Samples "Danzas"

Danza Nº1 (389 Kb)

Danza Nº2 (226 Kb)

Danza Nº3 (291 Kb)

Epílogo (Danza Final)

Samples "Combinaciones 3 a 3"

Combinaciones 3-3 Parte I (316 Kb)

Combinaciones 3-3 Parte II (257 Kb)

Combinaciones 3-3 Parte III (135 Kb)

Combinaciones 3-3 Parte IV (226 Kb)


Rigel is one of the "space" themes included in this CD. Floating, melodic and repetitive themes.

All the songs are based in a certain way in the Universe: stars, planets, constellations, and so on.

You can find more information about the songs of this CD in the Instrumental link




1. Rigel (734 Kb)

2. Neón

3. Miaplaci (193 Kb)

4. Hada y el Firmamento (184 Kb)

5. Argo Navis (233 Kb)

6. Algol (226 Kb)

7. Las Nubes de Magallanes

8. Caronte

9. Las Pléyades partes 1 - 7

10. Satélites