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Argo Navis is a floating and magical theme. The music begins in a slow way, developing the chords gradually.

Argo Navis (fast ship) is a constellation of south hemisphere that represents the ship commanded by Jason, where he and his men lived great adventures, as the greek leyend narrates.


You can download a sample of ARGO NAVIS here:

Sample from ARGO NAVIS (sargo.mp3 - 233 KB) Mono



"Hada y el Firmamento" can be defined as a kind of space march. It is based in a circular melody. Along the piece some other instruments are coming in creating new moods in the music. First, a bass, then drums, and finally an electric guitar solo.

You can get a sample or the complete theme here:

Sample de HADA Y EL FIRMAMENTO (shada.mp3 - 184KB Mono)

HADA Y EL FIRMAMENTO (Complete Theme) (hada.mp3 - 1,16 Mb Estéreo)



Rigel is a theme constructed in "H-form". These kind of themes begin and close with the same melody. Between both melodies a variation is played.

On the other hand, Rigel is the name of one of most brilliant star in the sky. The name comes from arabian language: "Rijil al-jawza al-bulmina" that means "The giant leg".

Download RÍGEL (complete theme) here:

RÍGEL (rigel.mp3 - 734 KB) Stéreo



This is a melodic and very quiet theme. I named it with the name of a star of the Carina constellation: Miaplaci. I think it is a beauty name, but I don't know what is the meaning of it.

Download a sample from MIAPLACI here:

Sample from MIAPLACI (smiap.mp3 - 193 KB) Mono



Algol is a star of Perseo constellation. It is named as "The devil star" or "The Vampire" too. In the constellation it is placed where Perseo is hanging the "Medusa" head.

The music for Algol is based in a repetitive pattern above which a space melody is developed.

Download a sample from ALGOL here:

Sample from ALGOL (salgol.mp3 - 226 KB) Mono


I have composed other songs inspirated in stars and the Universe, but I haven't included them here. May be later.






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