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MP3 Format.

MP3 Format allows to compress audio files without loss of quality. So, a file the occupies 10 Mb in WAV format can be compressed in a file that occupies much less in MP3 format, for example, 1 Mb.

All the themes and samples in this site are in MP3 format. In order to be able to listen them you will need a MP3 reproducer. I recommend WINAMP. If you do not have it you can download it here:

Download the Themes.

If you want to download the themes you only have to choose the correct link.

If you have any problem, you can try next:

1) Use the right button of the mouse on the link.

2) Choose the option "Save link as"

3) Save the MP3 file where you want.


When you want to download long files, some times a connection cut can stop the downloading proccess. In order to avoid this you can use GetRight. This software allows you to download a file in parts. You can download a little and next day download a little more. If there is a cut in the connection you don't loose the part of the file downloaded till the moment.

You can get GetRight here:

If you have some questions you can write me: