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Information about my minimal music:


Combinaciones 3 a 3

COMBINACIONES 3 A 3 is a work divided in four movements It is based on the mathematical concept of combination with repetition and it is composed for guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

Here you will find samples as well as a detailed explanation of the method of composition of this work.

Combinaciones 3 a 3


Fases Tímbricas

FASES TÍMBRICAS is a work that consist of the repetition of only one melody. The only variation in this theme comes from the gradual change of the sounds that perform this melody.

Here you will find samples and detailed explanations of this method of composition.

Fases Tímbricas



Ondas, Giroscopios y other Themes

Samples of other repetitive themes, constructed using other minimalist methods of composition.

Ondas y Giroscopios