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Here you have information about my projects and news on my music.

(Last update: 2-May-1999)

Sample of the Month

Every month I will offer a different sample of my new music, minimal themes, improvisations, themes not included in other sections, etc.

Sample of the Month:

"El Regalo" ("The present")- sregal.mp3 - 282 Kb


Some of my themes are composed to be performed live. As I don't have the musicians who want to play this music I do a musical approach to this songs using the sounds of my synthesiser.

One of the works I want to perform live is "Combination 3 to 3" (more information in the section dedicated to Minimalism). It is repetitive music composed for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. The idea is to take minimal music to the scope of rock music.

Now I have to find musician interested to play this kind of music. I think it is not easy as this music is not very usual. This mean that it will be difficult to find places where to play and probably nobody will be interested, but, who said that to innovate was easy?

Are you interesed? E-mail me.


Internet allows a composer offer his music directly to the listener, without intermediaries. The new technologies allow to make recordings in CD with good quality and at low price. The results cannot be compared to the product of a record company, but musically speaking the result can be quite acceptable.

I think there are a lot of musician like me. May be you are one of them. If you have a site where you offer your music, we could join them.

We can make a directory of composers who sells their own music directly, without the filter of the record companies. This can be useful to promote our work.

If you are a musician and you are interested in this idea E-mail me.


I play bass in a blues band called "The Degollaos". We are playing in pubs of Jerez, our city. If you like blues you can find information about my band here:

If you want to speak about blues you can write me:


Kronos Symphony is one of my projects. The idea is to create a work divided in three movements:

Movement alpha / Movemetn Beta / Movement Gamma

The composition will be constructed usint the method of Change of Sounds - Fases Timbricas (more information in the section dedicated to Minimalism). The subject will be the Time.

By the way, I got the idea from Quiron, a friend from Madrid. You can visit his site in:


You can opine about my site and my ideas. I accept all kind of critics about my music. Colaborations, and so on...

If you want to tell me something you only have to write me: