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My name is José Manuel Rosado and I am a composer of instrumental music. I was born in August, 1972 in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain).

I have been related with music for a long time, but I can say I compose since three o four years. I want to offer you a sample of all my work as a composer.

I hope you enjoy it!


The Music

I decided to make music the first time I listened to Mike Oldfield's Music and later Vangelis's Music. I like american minimalists, Philip Glass avobe all.

So you can say my music is a kind of mix of the instrumental music made by synthesisers and the repetitive music made by minimalists.

If you listen to my music you can make your own opinion of it yourself.

The Instruments

I use a Workstation X3 by Korg. I use the sequencer included in it to save the songs and then I record them in a DAT recorder, and from it to a CD.


Till now only two record company from Madrid have been interested in my music (ALONDRA MUSIC y PRISMA). They want to use 25 of my themes.


You can listen to my music directly from this site, without filters of any kind. If you like my music, and you want to get some, you can contact me in:


Phone: 956 30 96 61