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Ambient Songs

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El Río (The River)

A trip along a imaginary river, from it is born till it arrives to the sea. I improvised each musical lines.

El Río (complete theme) - rio.mp3 - 1,15 Mb


Vuelo Rasante (Flying Low)

UI composed this song after my first fly on airplane. A great experience.

Vuelo Rasante (sample) - svuelo.mp3 - 427 Kb


Máquina de Vapor (Vapour Machine) .

¿What is the sound of a vapour machine, musically speaking? Here you have the answer.

Máquina de Vapor (complete) - maquina.mp3 - 361 Kb


Feria del 98 (Fair of 98)

A personal vision of Jerez Fair. It is not flamenco music.

Feria del 98 (sample) - sferi.mp3 - 216 Kb


Transparencias (Transparencies)

Transparencies have always a lot of things to suggest. Here you have a crystalline vision of them.

Transparencias (sample) - stran.mp3 - 183 Kb


Náufragos (Shipwrecks)

I dedicate this song to all those shipwrecks of the daily life. To all those persons that feel lost although they are rounded by lots of people.

Náufragos (sample) - snau.mp3 - 295 Kb

Other ambient themes not included here:

"ArcoIris", "De Repente Una Mirada", "Tres Hermanas", "Neón", "Si Tus Ojos Sonríen", "El Regalo", etc.


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